Chongqing Himalaya


中国 重庆
建筑面积:2,935 平方米


This modern minimalist style project is located at the intersection of Zhangjiang and Jialingjiang Rivers, and is composed of three high-end residences, garages and ancillary commercial.
The project site is formed by a natural slope, which provides a good view of the river, and the total construction area is about 120,000 square meters.
This project takes “river charm” as the design concept, use smart techniques and rich materials to create an elegant and fashionable space, highlighting the charm of Chongqing-“the first river city”.
Create a charming and elegant space, reflecting the intoxicating beauty of Chongqing at dusk, highlighting the characteristics. The overall style of the design shows timeless implicit luxury.
The selection of smart palettes, dramatic lighting effects, bright metal reflections and unique natural stones, combined with rich details and smooth lines, highlights a unique charm in the city.